Little Mail Validator in Python

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wrote a little Mail Adresse Validator in Python. use it, modify it, like it … best practice for python is to use a virtual env like Poetry (or virtualenv) and add the “email-validator” module like this:

poetry add email-validator


few lines of code …

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from email_validator import validate_email, EmailNotValidError


emails = [
        "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "[email protected]",
        "[email protected]", "asf.asdf", "[email protected]", "[email protected]"

print ("\nMy Little Mail Validator\n")

for email in emails:

        # Validate.
        valid = validate_email(email)

        # Update with the n
        email =

        # Append to List

    except EmailNotValidError as e:

        # email is not valid, exception message is human-readable

print ("*** Mail ok ***")
for item in ok:
    print("ok: ", item)

print ("\n*** Mail NOT ok ***")
for item in nok:
    print("NOK:", item,"!")



just run and enjoy …

$ poetry run ./

My Little Mail Validator

*** Mail ok ***
ok:  [email protected]
ok:  [email protected]
ok:  [email protected]
ok:  [email protected]

*** Mail NOT ok ***
NOK: The domain name mydomain.tld does not exist. !
NOK: The email address is not valid. It must have exactly one @-sign. !
NOK: The domain name asdf.adf does not exist. !

Any Comments ?

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