Fastapi Project Template

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Project Template for FastAPI

gave a try with a FastAPI Template,

Projectname: gugus1234

clone the repo

git clone gugus1234
cd gugus1234

Switch Poetry

i’d like to have poetry as virtual env manager

make switch-to-poetry

Rename some Stuff

had to rename some string in pyproject and different files …

mv project_name gugug1234
gsed -i 's/a-flask-test/gugus1234/' pyproject.toml
gsed -i 's/project_name/gugus1234/' pyproject.toml
gsed -i 's/project_name/gugus1234/g' gugus1234/ gugus1234/ gugus1234/ gugus1234/

Run Poetry once

poetry shell
poetry lock
poetry install

Admin User

let’s create admin user

gugus1234 create-user --superuser admin supersecret

run Application

gugus1234 run

and here we are!


Any Comments ?

sha256: 9b63a8b8137267e60d0f32763ccc0882c45cc2b67bd71c7d07388a2c3b7f86b5